Xbox Kinect Robots are Here!

Well, its about time. I mean, come on the Xbox Kinect visual system was hacked two weeks ago.  Geez…

Okay, kidding aside, this has to be one of the fastest turn arounds of technology that I have ever seen. Just two weeks after the Xbox Kinect was hacked, Philipp Robbel, of MIT’s Personal Robotics Group, created one of the first functional robots using the kinect.

The Robot, made with an iRobot base, performs wireless 3D mapping and can detect and respond to visual directions. Amazing, and this is just the beginning. Expect this technology to develop very rapidly. In a few months we should see some very amazing things.

Thanks again to Bill at for the heads up!

4 thoughts on “Xbox Kinect Robots are Here!”

  1. it will be interesting to see what a rat neuron array will be able to do with this. it would be awesome if Dr. Thomas Demassey starts using the Kinect

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