CyberArms Veterans Day Salute

Just wanted to thank all our veterans for your service. Your self-sacrifice is what makes America great. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

If you have friends or family overseas, please remember to write and send packages often. Kits are available from many post offices that include packing material, labels, and lists of what material can be shipped to troops overseas. Contact your local post office for more information or see USPS-Supporting our Troops.

Thanks again and God Bless!



One thought on “CyberArms Veterans Day Salute”

  1. Hello there, Happy veteran’s day!!!

    My family and i simply just want to wish America’s twenty four million veterans a very happy veteran’s day. Additionally lets me quote veteran’s day quote which I like:

    “Freedom is never free … ** Author Unknown”. ..

    Just in case you actually want related information about Veterans Day festivities, savings, its own History, pictures and far more, have a really great web-based repository with everything to help..

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