Live Fire Exercise: Baltic Cyber Shield 2010 – Defcon 18

Very interesting talk from Defcon 18. Kenneth Geers (NICS, CCD COE) talks about cyber attacks on Estonia, cyber war, SCADA and the May 2010 International cyber defense exercise.

(Part 1 of 3)


4 thoughts on “Live Fire Exercise: Baltic Cyber Shield 2010 – Defcon 18”

  1. Excellent presentation, Seem to have all the pertinent facts, but
    Paradigm is confused. Aubu Graub isn’t worst case. As of yet there has been no Real Cyber War. WWW its self is vunerable to non state actor, confliker DOS attack on 13 internet nodes, could cripple WWW.
    Not enough work on policing real time threats, and offensive ops.
    Internet Anthropologist
    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.

    1. Gerald, thank you for your insight. I really liked this presentation too. What a great concept, create a mock network, connect devices to real scada systems and PLC’s, then bring in a blue team to defend and a red team to attack it.

      Using people on the red team who were not familiar with factory operations or SCADA I think really hurt them in the long run. But they still compromised like 80 of the systems.

      Also, I wished they would have talked more about what the one blue team that won did to harden their systems. Excellent start, I think this will evolve into something very beneficial to NATO cyber defense in the future.

  2. @daniel: originally, there were aim to have one member from the winning blue team at stage – however, due some conflicts this did not happen.

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