Cyber Arms Intelligence Report for October 26th, 2010

Stuxnet and Wikileaks were the top news last week. Questions still abound as to who created Stuxnet. Many believe that it was Israel, but now some are saying that it could be China.

And the intended target was not an Iranian power plant, but India’s space program

The question remains though if Stuxnet attacks Windows based vulnerabilities, how is Iran even using the software, if Microsoft can’t export to Iran?

But what most experts will agree that the sophistication of Stuxnet fairly limits the country source of origin. Computer Security company Eset Security released an in-depth technical analysis (PDF format) of the cyber weapon called “Stuxnet Under the Microscope”.

Wikileaks does it again. But this time they released nearly 400,000 classified reports on the Iraq war. had some great articles on the release. Superbombs and Secret Jails: What to Look for in WikiLeaks’ Iraq Docs talks about Iran’s involvement in the Iraq war. And thanks to Wikileaks, we now have proof that there were Weapons of Mass Destruction found in Iraq.

One would wonder how Wikileaks could get away with taunting the United States. In the past, Wikileaks used servers in a converted Swedish cold war nuclear bunker to host their data. But in a brazen move, recently used mirrors in not only Ireland and France, but also used in the US. The document release was not without incident though. According to one report, Wikileaks was hacked by a very skilled hacker prior to the publication.

Lastly, should cyber-attacks against a NATO nation trigger a physical response? If they are included in Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty they could, according to a Miller-Mccune article. NATO countries will discuss this next month at its annual conference. I just hope they take Russian Col. Anatoly Tsyganok comments to heart when they do, “These attacks have been quite successful, and today the alliance has nothing to oppose Russia’s virtual attacks.

Other Top Stories from Around the Web:

Iranian Cyber Army providing botnet for rent
It appears the group of cyber attackers who recently went after Twitter and Baidu are running a for-rent botnet.

Google admits to accidentally collecting e-mails, URLs, passwords
According to Google, data was mistakenly collected in more than 30 countries, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, some of Europe, and parts of Asia.

Federal government grapples with cybersecurity staff shortage
The US federal government is facing a severe shortage of cybersecurity staff, according to a panel of cybersecurity experts.

Cyber Crime and Information Warfare: A 30-Year History
What follows are some highlights in the 30-year history of hacking and information warfare.

Firesheep addon allows the clueless to hack Facebook, Twitter over Wi-Fi
Now any person, or idiot, can use Firesheep to scan local Wi-Fi networks and find users who are logged into Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Google, FourSquare, Dropbox, Hacker News, Windows Live, Cisco, Evernote, WordPress, Flickr, and many other services.

4 thoughts on “Cyber Arms Intelligence Report for October 26th, 2010”

  1. I watched the pasty-skinned, crooked toothed, albino and his band of merry pinheads giving a conference this week. All kinds of American “journalists” there, even the guy who did the Pentagon papers was there too, (He was really funny cause he droned on and on with a bunch of typical lefty bs until they had to take the mic from him). It was like the “International Order of America Haters” had a luncheon. Pathetic.
    And these guys are so self-righteous too. But hey, it’s all about the “truth” right? LOL Whatever. All they did was talk about 10’s of thousands of Iraqi deaths, never saying how many were insurgents, how many were civilians killed by insurgents, etc. They didn’t give any of THAT kind of info, just implied it was all America’s fault. Iraqi civilians tortured by Iraqi security forces? Well, that’s not the Iraqi torturers fault of course, it was some American soldiers fault for allegedly standing by and not stopping it.

    And one has to wonder, if Pantyleaks is so worried about the abuses of innocents, how come they don’t do any “leaking” to expose the ChiComms? The North Koreans? Somalians? Russians? How about those wacky Iranians? Saudis? Hello? Haven’t seen any international press conferences like that from them.

    Apparently wikileaks is only concerned with civilian deaths if it can be inferred that those deaths can in any way, no matter how remotely, be laid at the feet of Americans.

    Well, the blatant anit-American bias has not gone unnoticed, even by the people who started wikileaks. My understanding is that most of the people who originally started and worked the project have recently left the organization. The reason? Julian Assanges obsession with America.

    I’m still waiting to see the leak detailing who’s actually behind the funding of these anti-American forays around the world…

    1. Yes sir, follow the money!

      The funny thing too Philo is America usually goes out of its way to be politically correct, so as not to offend anyone.

      Apparently, Wikileaks does have “information” about Russia, but claims the language is a barrier:

      I wonder if they have ever heard of Google Translate?

      I’m very against what Wikileaks is doing, and can’t believe that some American service members would pass this classified information along.

      What ever happened to the WWII patriotic beliefs like “Loose lips sink ships”? That generation understood what it took to win wars, sadly it seems ours has forgotten.

  2. Yeah, you know that excuse is BS. I translated the complete book “Metro 2033” from Russian to English using Google translate. All twenty chapters, and it read just fine.
    Brandon Manning should be tried, and then hung, for high treason.

    1. Я предполагаю, что они хотят, чтобы убедиться Есть нет опечатки в их утечки классифицированных русских документов. Небеса запрещают …

      Ahh Philo, with the import costs, rope is getting expensive. Bullets are still a buck! 🙂

      Metro 2033 does look cool, I’ve gotta check it out one of these days…

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