Top Military News and Tech Review – October 17th, 2010

Russian Stealth Fighter PAK-FA. This video is of the 16th flight of the prototype Sukhoi T-50 Russian fighter.

Military Tech News from around the Web

WikiLeaks Set to Release 400,000 Secret Iraq War Docs
The release, which could come as early as Sunday, will be the whistleblower website’s largest publication of classified materials to date, far exceeding its release in July of 77,000 U.S. military documents on the war in Afghanistan.

New Iron Man suit is faster, stronger than predecessor
A new second-generation exoskeleton robotic suit developed for the military – and deemed the closest thing to a real-life Iron Man costume – was unveiled on Monday during a demonstration with Paramount Home Entertainment.

NKorea Jamming Device A New Security Threat
A North Korean jamming device capable of disrupting guided weapons poses a fresh threat to South Korea’s security, the South’s defence chief said on Tuesday.

Army Reveals Afghan Biometric ID Plan; Millions Scanned, Carded by May
Scanning prisoners’ irises is just Step 1. In Afghanistan, local and NATO forces are amassing biometric dossiers on hundreds of thousands of cops, crooks, soldiers, insurgents and ordinary citizens. And now, with NATO’s backing, the Kabul government is putting together a plan to issue biometrically backed identification cards to 1.65 million Afghans by next May.

DARPA plans tools to lighten load of battlefield data
The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s Insight program plans to create an automated system that helps human analysts by blending together sensor feeds from a variety of platforms and sources.

Exoskeletons, Robo Rats and Synthetic Skin: The Pentagon’s Cyborg Army
Eyes that are alert and steady. Skin that’s sensitive to the touch. Arms that bend and grasp. To an unknowing observer, troops in the next-generation military might look much like today’s.

But those eyes are veiled by self-assembling contact lenses that transmit text messages and take blood pressure readings. That skin is made up of nanowires laid onto flexible rubber. And the arm underneath? A prosthetic — controlled by brain implant.

Marines harness the sun
Company I of the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, based at Camp Pendleton, Calif., will deploy with seven Ground Renewable Expeditionary Energy Systems (GREENS). Produced by the Naval Surface Warfare Center’s Carderock Division in Maryland, each GREENS can provide up to 300 watts of power, making it an alternative to a small conventional generator.

Self-Aiming Sniper Rifles Coming Next Year
Using the One-Shot system, under development by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), a new electro-optical system will calculate the ballistics for him, telling him where to aim and ensuring a perfect shot — no matter the weather conditions.

The Future Today: Robot Jetpacks in the Works
The Martin Aircraft Company, makers of the world’s only commercial jetpack, has built an unmanned version of the device that can be launched from the back of a pickup truck, ferry supplies to troops, monitor a battlefield, and even scan a war zone for improvised explosive devices.

Russia Vows to Help Venezuela Build Nuclear Power Plant
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez reached a deal with Russia on Friday to build the South American country’s first nuclear plant, as questions arose why a nation rich in oil and gas would feel the need to venture into nuclear energy.


7 thoughts on “Top Military News and Tech Review – October 17th, 2010”

      1. I’ve logged about 200 hours into fallout 3 this summer. LOL fallout new vegas out this week 🙂
        T-51B and a plasma rifle, that’s all I need….

        BTW, played Metro 2033 yet? not a sandbox, but the story line and grphics/game controls are the best I’ve ever played. Was so good I spent a couple weeks hunting dosn the English translation of the book it came from.

      2. Yeah, Fallout was pretty good. I sucked at finding good stuff though. I usually ended up running around with an AK and the alien pistol.

        No, I haven’t played Metro yet, but the trailers look sweet. Looks like a better version of Fallout. Have you ever played the original Mount & Blade? By far my favorite swords and axes type game. The combat is the best I have seen yet, they actualy got horse mounted combat right. It feels much more realistic than any others I have seen. They have a demo, if you get a chance check it out. The newer Mount & Blade Warband is okay, but I think the original M&B is much better.

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