Steam Game Client won’t Run on Windows 7 64-Bit Version with PCTools

Just wanted to post this hoping I could save someone the pain I went through. I was running Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit on my game machine, and decided I wanted to install the 64-bit version to see the difference.

When I was done, the system was identical to the way it was before, except now it was 64-bit. Same programs, anti-virus, everything. All my games ran beautifuly, except for Steam. None of my games I bought through Steam would run, though they ran fine in the 32 bit version of Windows 7 Ultimate. The games would act like they were going to run, but then nothing. It would just drop out to the desktop.

No problem, I thought, I will just contact Steam. Well, to make a long, very frustrating story short, it took about a month and a half to get it working. It turned out that 64-bit Steam client does not like PCTools Anti-Virus runing at all. It had to be completely shutdown and disabled before any games will run. The strange thing is that I had no problems at all running Steam and PCTools on my 32-bit version of Windows 7.

I give Steam support an F-.  They would have you try something, you would try it, then it would take them a week sometimes to get back to you. Demanding to be escalated to a higher level of support or to speak to a manager does nothing. Also, asking for a contact number or trying to find a phone number for Steam is also a waste of time. I found three numbers for Steam, and none of them worked.

I have been a very long time Steam user and never really had any problems. But, when I finally did, it seems that Steam went out of it’s way to make it difficult to get support.


~ by D. Dieterle on October 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “Steam Game Client won’t Run on Windows 7 64-Bit Version with PCTools”

  1. I’ve been running since BETA on x86 then RTM x64. No issues with Steam. Anything in the application logs?

  2. I’ve had similar experiences with Steam “support” . . . and I have been without a working version of Steam for well over a year now. I still give it a try every few months, taking new advice from fellow gamers, but Steam still refuses to work and Valve continues to give stellarly-poor support services.

    Is it took much to ask for a “Lite” version of Steam? One which will just let me run my games without all the bells and whistles and advertisements I ignore regardless? I don’t need an overlay, I don’t need an in-program store when I make the purchases through my web browser, and I certainly don’t need Steam trying to run the show on my computer regarding which anti-virus software I want to use (like Dieterle’s personal experience).

    Come on, Valve. Wise up. Please!

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