Backtrack 4: How to use Metasploit Training Class

I was going to do some training videos on how to use Backtrack 4. I did some searching to see what was already out there (why re-invent the wheel?) and I found some amazing videos on how to use the Metasploit program in Backtrack 4. If you are looking for some top notch training from some top notch experts, look no further.

This, by far, is some of the best training videos I have seen on Metasploit. It is a taped security conference from the ISSA Kentuckiana Chapter and is billed by Adrian Crenshaw as being “more Metasploit than you can stand!”

The instructors are Adrian “Irongeek” Crenshaw, David “ReL1K” Kennedy (Creator of the Social Engineering Toolkit), Martin “PureHate” Bos, Elliott “Nullthreat” Cutright, and Pwrcycle .

Topics include:

  • Introduction to Metasploit in Backtrack 4
  • Scanning and Pivoting
  • Fuzzing and Exploit Development
  • Meterpreter and Post Exploitation (and a demo of Metasploit Express)
  • Social Engineering Toolkit
  • Encoding fun and Fast Track

The class was held as a charity event with the request that attendees donate to Johnny Long’s Hacker for Charity program. I learned more about Metasploit in a few hours than I have in months playing with it myself. This is definitely worth checking out.

A link to Irongeek’s site, downloadable videos and the Hackers for Charity food program link can be found here

6 thoughts on “Backtrack 4: How to use Metasploit Training Class”

  1. Backtrack 4: How to use Metasploit Training Class

    are there hosted videos for this class? Can you take it if you missed the class?

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