Internet Explorer Running Slow or Crashing

If your Internet Explorer is really acting up on you, and it is not a virus, it could be a bad or corrupted add in.

You can reset Internet Explorer to the factory defaults by going to the “Tools” menu, “Internet Options” menu and then “Advanced”. From here you can click “Reset”.

After doing this, you will get the “Welcome to Internet Explorer” screen and it will ask you to pick some startup options, just like when you first used IE. When this is done, you should be good to go.

* Note: The first time you put in a password for a site, it will ask if you want IE to save it. The best security option is NOT to let IE save your passwords.


One thought on “Internet Explorer Running Slow or Crashing”

  1. All the above is good advice all I would add is that once you get IE working,
    Don’t touch it
    Leave it alone so that it can do updates

    If you try to upgrade it, downgrade it or even use it for browsing it will probably break and then you can’t do any updates.

    Use a different browser for everyday use and leave IE to do updates only
    There are lots of browsers to choose from

    If you are really keen on using IE then at least download another browser SOON so that when IE stops working you can get some online help.

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