“Here You Have” E-mail Hacker Video contains Veiled References

On Sunday, a hacker calling himself “Iraq Resistance” released a video claiming responsibility for the e-mail virus that shutdown mail servers all across America last week. ABC, Coca Cola, Comcast, Disney, Google and NASA were some of the big name companies that were heavily hit.

In the video, the hacker’s voice is disguised with a computerized female voice, and claims that the reason they released the worm was the invasion of Iraq and Pastor Jones Koran burning threat.

The hacker mentions invading a country because of nuclear weapons. Though they say Iraq, it seems to be a veiled reference to Iran.

Iraq was invaded because of weapons of mass destruction. In regards to Iraq WMD, Westerners would think this as chemical or biological. Westerner’s view of Iran’s current threat though is nuclear weapons. Yet the hacker specifically states invading Iraq over nuclear weapons.

The hacker then goes on to call Pastor Jones a terrorist, and complains that the media did not refer to him as such.

Finally, the video shows a map of Andalusia in the background, which could be another veiled reference. Andalusia is an autonomous section of Spain. The Cordoba Mosque is located in this area, and was the first one to be built in Spain. The hotly debated NY city “Cordoba House” is to be named after the Cordoba Mosque.

The beginning and end of the video have a horse naying. Which at first is kind of strange, but Mustangs are not native to the Americas. They were imported to the US from Andalusia and spread accross the United States like fire. Possibly the author of the video thinks Islam, though not the native religion of America, will also spread accross the US.

With all these veiled references, it will be interesting to see where this worm actually originated from.


2 thoughts on ““Here You Have” E-mail Hacker Video contains Veiled References”

  1. “With all these veiled references, it will be interesting to see where this worm actually originated from.”

    I agree. Thus far it sounds like a pretty classic case of hactivism which has always caught my interest.

    1. Absolutely. I think back tracking some of this stuff would be pretty cool. Watch it be some disgruntled 60 year old guy in Timbuktu or something like that. 🙂

      I always thought investigating nation state cyber crime would be very interesting too.

      Thanks for visiting Nopsled! (Your website looks very interesting)

      – Has anyone read “Inside Cyber Warfare: Mapping the Cyber Underworld”? I was curious if it was any good. I loved Jeff Carr’s Project Grey Goose projects.

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