Pen Testing Perfect Storm Part V: “We Love Adobe!”

Part V of the Pen Testing Perfect Storm webcast series will be held on August 31, 2010 at 2PM EDT / 11AM PDT. This will be presented by Ed Skoudis, Kevin Johnson and Joshua Wright. Ed is one of my favorite presenters, and authors, so this is a definite must see.

Webcast Information (From Coresecurity):

It’s no secret that Adobe’s ubiquitous applications provide a broad attack surface for criminals seeking to gain access to sensitive IT networks. During this webcast, security experts Ed Skoudis, Kevin Johnson and Joshua Wright will demonstrate penetration testing techniques that you can use to proactively assess the security of systems relying on Adobe technologies throughout your organization.

You’ll learn how to …

    * Assess Adobe Reader and Flash for exploitable vulnerabilities
    * Extend testing with escalation and session management techniques
    * Impersonate network infrastructure and simplify wireless hijacking
    * Gain remote control of exposed clients

Like all Perfect Storm webcasts, part V will go beyond simple vulnerability exploitation and show you how to replicate multiple stages of an attack – from identifying and profiling exposed systems to gaining root and gathering data for reporting and remediation.

*Bonus: Register now and you’ll also get on-demand access to the slide decks for The Pen Testing Perfect Storm Trilogy Parts I-V.

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