Upcoming Computer Security Conferences

The following are upcoming computer security seminars, webinars and webcasts. If I have missed any that you know of, please let me know. All information listed for each topic is from corresponding website. 


Building the Cyber Workforce Federal Agencies Need Now
Thursday, August 26, 2010 • 7:30 a.m.-9:30 a.m.
National Press Club ~ Ballroom (13th Floor)
529 14th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20037
Metro Stop: Metro Center 

The rising tide of cyber attacks is threatening our government more and more each day. Federal agencies must act now to upgrade their cybersecurity workforce, both in skills and headcount. The challenge is to find qualified people, to recruit and train them, and to bring existing staff skills up to date in a fast-changing environment. There’s talk of imposing licensing or certification requirements for cyber workers. How is your agency going to develop the cyber workforce it needs? 


Dell Digital Forensics – Applying IT Technology to Improve Business Practices
Date: Aug 25, 2010
Time: 2:00 pm ET
Duration: 1 hour 

In any investigation, time is one element that is always working against the investigator. Digital forensics analysts know that developing information from suspect devices is a detailed, time consuming process. Dell has worked with our law enforcement customers to provide a Digital Forensics framework that allows analysts to work more efficiently.  

We have designed a solution to standardize forensics IT infrastructure and establish a clear process for secure and efficient data analysis and storage. Dell has partnered with Intel, and leading industry forensic software providers to build a solution based on Dell™ PowerEdge™ Servers based on the Intel® Xeon processor 5600 Series and  Dell storage systems to take advantage of the capabilities of the datacenter to securely manage and store digital evidence. 

Strategize to Outsmart Your Cyber Adversaries
Date: Tuesday, September 7th
Time: 2:00 pm EST 

We live in a de-perimeterized world where legacy security technologies are virtually blind to sophisticated threat tactics. It is increasingly harder to answer senior management’s tough security questions relating to data exfiltration, malware infestation, or fraud activity with any degree of confidence. In order to get the clarity necessary to provide in-depth answers, organizations must evolve and adapt their enterprise security strategy to close the gaps between existing defense in depth and to obtain better visibility and detection across the network.  


PCI & Encryption: Limiting Legal Exposure & Maintaining Compliance
Date: Monday, August 23, 2010
Time: 1:00 PM EDT (1700 UTC/GMT)  

The PCI standards require that we encrypt our data, but it fails to require that we do it securely. In this webcast we will consider how to correctly manage encryption within a PCI environment and discuss how proper implementation can limit your exposure by potentially eliminating the need to publicly report compromises to cardholders. In addition we will discuss full disk encryption and how it relates to PCI compliance. 

The New Requirements for Your Network IPS Solutions
Date: Wednesday, August 25, 2010
Time: 1:00 PM EDT (1700 UTC/GMT)
Sponsored By: IBM  

If you think the only differences between network intrusion prevention solutions are price and manageability, think again. Their security effectiveness and performance can vary dramatically. How can you separate real results from marketing messages and be confident in your purchase decision? Security experts from NSS Labs and IBM will discuss the new requirements for choosing a network IPS.  

Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do
Date: Wednesday, September 1, 2010
Time: 1:00 PM EDT (1700 UTC/GMT)
Sonsored By: Q1 Labs  

Log management is about more than just compliance. Total visibility allows you to detect and stop security incidents: virus and bot infections, bad guys trying to break in, and insiders from exposing or stealing company data.  Who are the perpetrators? When, where and how will they strike next? Join Q1 Labs for a ride-along as we take you on a tour of some of the new and surprising ways the bad boys wreak havoc. 

We’ll dissect cases where customers have leveraged QRadar to protect their enterprises in a variety of industries from retail to large telecommunications. It’s the next best thing to being a member of the forensics investigation team! 


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