IPvX: A Better Replacement for IPV4 than IPv6?

Sam Bowne, IT instructor at City College of San Francisco, has a very interesting page on his site entitled: IPvX: Better than IPv6?

Apparently the question was asked at the recent Defcon conference, “Why isn’t IPv6 backwards-compatible with IPv4?”

Well, that is a pretty good question, and Bill Chimiak just might have the answer. With IPv4 addresses rapidly depleting, many companies are looking at converting to IPv6. Bill has created a proposal for an IPv4 replacement that could save a lot of time, money and effort compared to what would be needed if companies switched to IPv6.

A draft RFC can be found on Sam’s site and a help wanted add:

Right now, this is just a fantastic idea. We need help to make it real. Here are the immediate needs:

  • Criticism: if this is a bad idea, we need to know that.
  • Promotion: please help spread the word! We want everyone who cares to find out this idea quickly.
  • Coding: There aren’t any devices ready to use this system yet. We need to program end devices and routers so we can start experimenting with it. I would imagine the place to start would be to program a Linux IPvX router and client, hopefully followed quickly by a Windows port. Maybe a Python module would suffice for now.

Check it out, you might be able to able to be involved on the ground floor of the next big internet project.

5 thoughts on “IPvX: A Better Replacement for IPV4 than IPv6?”

  1. IPvX is another nonsense after IPv8 & IPv9. Folks, stop spreading useless stuff as it just shows you are clueless at least and not doing your homework at best.

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