Intel Plans to Take Over McAfee for $7.68 Billion

Interesting news today from the processor giant Intel. It looks like they are taking security very seriously and plan to acquire McAfee. According to the NYTimes, McAfee stock was at $29.93 a share on Wednesday and Intel is willing to pay $48 a share.  

Intel needs McAfee’s expertise as processors and internet connected devices move out of the PC realm and into new areas. “Eventually the software features will get embedded in the hardware,” according to Ashok Kumar a technology analyst. This seems to correlate with this statement from Paul Otellini, Intel’s Chief Executive:

“With the rapid expansion of growth across a vast array of Internet-connected devices, more and more of the elements of our lives have moved online. In the past, energy-efficient performance and connectivity have defined computing requirements. Looking forward, security will join those as a third pillar of what people demand from all computing experiences.”

Very interesting indeed. So soon, look forward to connecting your microwave and fridge to the internet to get security updates to prevent them from being used as RBN botnet zombies. This just adds to the ever overburdened administrators concerns though. At one time we were only worried about teen hackers and rogue networks, now we need to be on the lookout for rogue toaster-nets…


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