Free Seminar: “Hacking 2010: Understanding the New Wave of Cyberattacks”

InformationWeek and Dark Reading is sponsoring the free virtual seminar, “Hacking 2010: Understanding the New Wave of Cyberattacks” on August 11th, 2010.

Event Description (From Website):
Security experts agree: In the past year, we’ve seen more new and sophisticated cyberattacks – spreading at a faster, more widespread rate – than the industry has ever seen before. The bad news? Hackers are getting better at their jobs every day. How do you know which new threats pose the greatest dangers to your organization and which are just hype? How can you find out what the latest attacks look like and how they might affect your enterprise?

Most importantly, how can you begin to build up your defenses against the latest wave of cyberattacks and prioritize your security efforts to meet the most severe risks first? This unique virtual event will feature: Insights from some of the industry’s most respected security researchers and expertsrnKeynotes on the newest exploits and vulnerabilities on the Web, as well as some current threats that might not be on your radar screen yet. Advice on what you can do today to prepare your security environment to defend against these next-generation threats, and how you can respond.


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