The End of IPv4 Addresses and Free IPv6 Certification

2012 may truly mark the end of the world. Well, the end of the IPv4 world that is. Some say it doesn’t even have that long. According to a new FoxNews article, there are only enough new IP addresses left for about 340 more days of growth.

Here is the problem. TCP/IP is the communication protocol your computer uses to talk to each other and to communicate over the internet. Each computer or device must have a unique address, so they can communicate with each other.

When TCP/IP IPv4 was implemented, address space was issued for a certain number of users (about 4 Billion). With the explosive growth of connected devices these addresses have been devoured. IPv6 was defined as a standard in 1998, to remedy the problem.

IPv4 uses 32 bits of information for addressing, while IPv6 uses 128 bits. This allows for extraordinary growth. How much growth you say? Well, IPv4 allowed about 4 Billion addresses, IPv6 allows for about 340,282,366,920,938,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000!

That’s a lot of addresses! A security instructor once said that he thought that was roughly the number of grains of sand on the planet. This should allow for us to connect all the world users, their phones, fridges, cars and hair care products. For more information see Wikipedia.

Okay, on to the free IPv6 Certification. Many IP professionals have put off learning IPv6 for a long time. Well, the time draws near, and it is time to learn it if you haven’t all ready. Hurricane Electric offers free IPv6 certification and training. Hurricane Electric is an internet backbone and co-location provider. (From their web site:)

Welcome to the Hurricane Electric IPv6 Certification Project. This tool will allow you to certify your ability to configure IPv6, and to validate your IPv6 servers configuration.

Through this test set you will be able to:

  • Prove that you have IPv6 connectivity
  • Prove that you have a working IPv6 web server
  • Prove that you have a working IPv6 email address
  • Prove that you have working forward IPv6 DNS
  • Prove that you have working reverse IPv6 DNS for your mail server
  • Prove that you have name servers with IPv6 addresses that can respond to queries via IPv6
  • Prove your knowledge of IPv6 technologies through quick and easy testing

Check it out!


5 thoughts on “The End of IPv4 Addresses and Free IPv6 Certification”

  1. what do they claim about ipv6? an ip address for every square inch of the earth? they better get to work, because if i can’t watch live streaming, pirated fox news online, 2012 will truly be the end of the world……

    1. LOL, I hear you Philo.

      And as always it seems the hackers are ahead of the curve. Check out the IPv6 Exploitation Framework, called Dead:Beef.

      Oh, and don’t forget about THC-IPv6.

      I haven’t had a chance to play with either yet, hopefully soon. 🙂

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