Offensive Cyber Weapon – Cynialating Hackers

The FOSE conference yesterday was pretty good. It used a virtual atmosphere that was interesting. I have seen it only once before, and that was an online HP employment fair. The majority of the buzz I saw there was for the CISSP Exam Prep Clinic. I must admit I have not seen anything like it since Microsoft created the MCSE exam. Also, the Keynote speech by craiglists creator Craig Newmark was very well received. What was great too was some people there knew of the Cyber Arms blog! It was great meeting you!

I must admit though, with all the excitement over the presentations, I was smitten by the very first vendor booth that I visited – Rsignia. This company makes intrusion detection systems on steroids. I was very impressed with their products… then I saw Cyberscope.

Cyberscope is a rackable hardware solution, that not only detects and identifies intrusion attempts, but it also attacks. Yes, this is a true to life offensive weapon. From the above video, here are some of the facts.

Cyberscope Capabilities Include the Ability to:

  • Flow Jam – Locate and then Jam incoming signals.
  • Botnet Capture – Inject software onto Botnet zombie PC’s and turn them against each other.
  • Misinformation – Intercepts data, changes it and then sends it back to the hackers.

According to the video, Cyberscope can identify the target by using several sources, including public domain signatures and law enforcement agencies. The units are stackable and rackable and run at full line speed. Check out the video, I like the presenter, he is like a cool version of a mad scientist. Well, you’ll see. 🙂

Check out Cyberscope, cynialating hackers near you!

11 thoughts on “Offensive Cyber Weapon – Cynialating Hackers”

  1. This is certainly an interesting capability. I’m all for it of course, but there are a lot of legal issues that need to be considered before such a capability can be utilized.

    John is very entertaining. I like watching his videos. 🙂

  2. Oh man! If it comes in 7.62 X .39 I’ll buy one! 🙂

    Can they combine this with SUTOR and fry the offenders hardware? Would love to see a video of that on youtube 😉

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