Infosec Island Posts

Some interesting posts on Infosec Island this week:

  • Analysis on Defense and Cyber Warfare
  • Malware from Russia on the Increase
  • 10 Essential Security Polices
  • Phishing Scam Employs U.S. General Commander in Iraq

But I think this one is my favorite:

Backtrack 4: Penetration Testing with Social Engineering Toolkit

Just kinda partial to that one, not sure why. Maybe it’s the author, he looks like a cross between Bill Gates and Genghis Khan. His look just shouts out, “I am a computer security Guru”, either that or its, “I’ve got to go to the bathroom really bad”, not sure which. Okay, I won’t keep you going, its me! I have agreed to cross-post and author some articles for Infosec Island. There is some pretty good information there, check it out when you get a chance!

Have a great weekend everybody!


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