Cyber Security Seminar: Sharing and Layering in Cyber Investigations

Federal Computer Week is hosting the security seminar (from Website):

Sharing and Layering in Cyber Investigations: Stop Cyber Threats from Becoming Reality through Unified Analysis Policies and Practices

Attacks on information infrastructure pose the most serious economic and national security threat of the 21st century. Gone are the days of individual hackers as the primary threat to cyber security; today’s cyber warriors are members of organized crime rings and hostile nation states, and their targets are government and financial networks; communications, utilities and critical infrastructure control, and sensitive defense and military information. The need to improve cyber investigative information sharing from both a technology and policy perspective, put an end to data siloing, and improve public-private partnerships is crucial to prevent a cyber 9/11.

Learn from these veterans of policy and technology development about how to implement best practices that can ensure your organizations investigative, defensive and offensive capabilities are always one step ahead of cyber enemies:


Dr. Kathleen L. Kiernan, CEO of Kiernan Group
Ronald E. Plesco, Jr., Esq. CEO, National Cyber Forensics and Training Alliance
Rob Schmidt, CEO, InfraGard National Members Alliance
Dr. Greg Rattray, Expert on National Security and Cyberspace

Date: Jul 08, 2010
Time: 11:00 am ET
Duration: 1 hour

If you are interested, but cannot attend, sign up anyway and you will be provided a link to watch the archived version.

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