New Book “Surviving Cyberwar”

Richard Stiennon posted an overview of his new book “Surviving Cyberwar” on Infosec Island today. Here is an excerpt from his post:

On August 8, 2008 Russia sent tanks across the border into South Ossetia while there were simultaneous attacks on Georgian networks and I decided to write Surviving Cyberwar. I picked narrative non-fiction because I have already written over 300,000 words here on on threatchaos in essentially that manner and I wanted to write a book that would have broad appeal.

I also decided not to water down the technical aspects. I would not shy away from technical concepts but would explain them in a way that any regular reader of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, or this blog could pick up. I also sought to tell the stories of the people involved in conducting cyber research and defense…

… You will not find any scenarios of doom in Surviving Cyberwar. They are not needed. Militaries around the world are re-organizing around cyber-units, policy makers are engaging in international summits to discuss the threats and what to do about them. Congress is contemplating over 40 separate bills addressing cyber security issues. Someone from the security industry had to write a book about cyberwar. I did.

Richard Stiennon’s book is available on

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