Tiger Team: Penetration Testing on TV

Companies that are very concerned about their security will hire a penetration testing company or a red cell type group to test security. Many times, penetration testing includes physical security tests along with testing the computer system security.  On TruTV a while back, they had a series on a tiger team hired to test security at several different locations.

This video is from the Car Dealership penetration test. This shows that there are multiple points of entry in every system. Be it through bypassing physical security, hacking systems or social engineering. This video shows how all of these attacks can work together and how effective they can be.

The Tiger Team is led by Chris Nickerson of Lares Consulting. Check it out.

3 thoughts on “Tiger Team: Penetration Testing on TV”

  1. Nice video!

    I’ve seen penetration teams get into what are suppose to be “high security” facilities. It’s scary once you understand how people are able to do it. In some cases, they are able to do it in broad daylight.

    1. Pretty crazy stuff, I heard a presentation from one penetration team that was tasked with testing a high security facility. The facility bragged about how great their firewall and security against external threats was. No way was anyone getting through.

      The penetration team noticed that the lobby wasn’t manned; it just had a phone and a business directory. Everybody is making cutbacks these days. They also noticed open network jacks in the lobby. So, they just entered the lobby, and hooked a wireless router to an Ethernet port that the company was so kind to leave on.

      They placed an official looking sticker on the router that said, “IT Department Property, Do not Remove”. They now could sit in the parking lot and access the internal network bypassing that super firewall all together.

      Path of least resistance…

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