HP Laptop Review: Great Deal on a HP Biscotti Core-I3 Laptop

Just bought a new laptop from Best Buy. Pretty good deal, couldn’t pass it up. Here is the tale of the tape:

HP Biscotti G62-144DX
Intel Core i3-330M processor 2.13 Ghz
15.6″ Widescreen
500 GB 7200 RPM drive
Lightscribe DVD RW Double Layer
Intel Shared HD Graphics
Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit)

I saw it online at Bestbuy.com for $549. It was priced about $100 more than laptops with Intel T4400 processors. If you look up processor benchmark speeds, the Core i3 is almost twice the performance compared to a T4400. Also, the HP Biscotti was priced $100 – $200 lower than comparable Core i3 laptops.

I went to the local Best Buy store to get it (they said they had 13 in stock). I get there and they had none on display and all the prices were much higher for Core i3 laptops. I found a sales rep and said “Hey, I called yesterday and you guys said you had this in stock”. He said that they did have it, but it was not on display. As he was ringing me out he said “This is the best Core i3 priced laptop that we have…”

So far, I love it. It’s fast, setup was easy. The case has a diamond like pattern on it which is kinda cool. The touchpad is built in with the case, so you can’t see it, just the buttons on the bottom. Pretty cool. It also has an on/off button for the wireless which I think is a fantastic idea. If your attached with a LAN line, you don’t want to download huge files through the wireless, and it seems most laptops will default to the wireless if both have connections.

The onboard graphics are good, but it is not a gaming card, so I won’t be putting Dragon Age on it. Sound is good too. The keys seem a little closer together than my Acer laptop, so I keep hitting the wrong keys. Also, some of the online reviews complained about short battery life. The hard drive is a good size and fast. It has a Windows Experience rating of 4.2. With the 64 Bit version of Windows 7, it actually sees the full 4GB of RAM. This will be nice to run VMWare images from.

So far I am very pleased!


6 thoughts on “HP Laptop Review: Great Deal on a HP Biscotti Core-I3 Laptop”

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  2. Sorry guys, looks like Best Buy pulled them from their site already. That was quick. You may want to contact local Best Buy stores to see if they have them in stock.

    1. Yes, they pulled them from the Best Buy website in just a few days. I appologize to our international readers. I assumed wrongly that “Best Buy” was an international company. Thus the “just call your local Best Buy store” comment. Not realizing that the “local” Best Buy could be thousands of miles away. It also looks like they will not ship to non-US States or Territories. My bad, lol. 🙂

      If you can find a HP Biscotti locally, it is definetly worth checking out! 🙂

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