Chinese Government Systems Hacked

It appears that Hackers are not just an American problem, China gets hacked too. Over 200 Chinese government sites have been hacked so far this month.

A total of 81 government Web sites in China were tampered with from May 10 to May 16, down 35 percent compared to the previous week, according to a report released by National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical Team. And 124 government Web sites were hacked from May 2 to May 9.

The threats ranged from webpage manipulation to installing malicious code and software exploitation. As of Monday, 29 of the websites were still down. It appears that a domain group registered in Poland was used in some of the attacks.

For more information see Topix.


3 thoughts on “Chinese Government Systems Hacked”

  1. You know Mr. Dieterle, I am a huge fan of irony, so this post made my day.

    I really wish I still had the link to an article I read a couple years ago, maybe late 08. CHICOMS crying after finding that every single one of their intelligence computers at the CHICOM AF had been hacked and infected with backdoors and trojans.

    I have been told, that because much of the Chinese networks use mismatched and outdated PC and hardware, they are particularly vulnerable.

    Either way:

  2. Yeah, you kind of hear two stories about China.

    You hear that they have installed their secure “Kylin” operating system and have secure computer chips on all their government systems. Then you also hear that they are using antiquated systems and old software.

    The fact that government systems are down proves that they are just as vulnerable as everyone else. Also the fact that they are the number one internet user and only a fraction of their population is currently connected means they have a lot of work to do in securing their digital borders.

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