US Air Force Assigns 30,000 Cyber Warriors

According to an Air Force Times article, 3,000 Air Force officers will join 27,000 enlisted airmen on the cyber front lines. The troops were pulled from communication and maintenance specialties and will receive special cyber warfare training. The move is part of solidifying the majority of the Air Force’s cyber warfare capabilities under Space Command’s 24th Air Force at Lackland Air Force Base.

“It’s not just spray paint, it’s a new mindset,” said Brig. Gen. David Cotton, director of cyberspace transformation and strategy at the Air Staff.

Communications officers often saw themselves as others saw them: airmen who made sure the base computer network worked, said Cotton, who began his career a computer programmer.

Cyberspace officers will continue to provide support but they also will be the go-to experts on how a computer or communication network can improve war-fighting capabilities.

The 24th Air Force joins the Navy 10th fleet, the Army and Marine Corps cyber commands to make up the United States Cyber Command. This unified command is to be led by National Security Agency Director General Keith B. Alexander and should be fully functional later this year.

For more information see the Air Force Times.


2 thoughts on “US Air Force Assigns 30,000 Cyber Warriors”

  1. This … Is … So … Awesome …

    Can you imagine, the office computer maintenance guy at the AF base, the one who spends 95% of his time helping people who’ve forgotten their passwords, getting the order, “You are reassigned to the Cyber Warfare Unit operating under the Space Command…”

    LOL Talk about a career boost!

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