Online Security Seminar: Detecting Botnets and Terrorism Threats

Just a reminder that the online webinar: “Making Sense of Data: Detecting Botnets and Terrorism Threats Using High-Performance Computing” will be tomorrow at 2PM EST. Here is what to expect (from website):

Terrorists are using social media to communicate, plan and recruit members, but how do government agencies detect these communications in a sea of unstructured data?

Malware infiltrates government networks and hides among terabytes of data, but how do security analysts identify the anomalies amid months of collected data to spot patterns that indicate a threat?

LexisNexis® Data Analytics Supercomputer (DAS) is rising to the challenge of helping government agencies turn large quantities of data into answers. By finding patterns and links among massive data sets, DAS is helping to quickly analyze and present data in meaningful ways that lead to decisions and action.

In this one-hour webcast, attendees will hear from industry experts as they discuss:

  • How terrorists use blogs to plan, communicate and recruit members, as well as how to analyze this data to find linkages and emerging threats;
  • How botnets are infiltrating U.S. government networks, and steps to detect them to prevent cybersecurity threats; and
  • Real-world examples of how the LexisNexis Data Analytics Supercomputer (DAS) has been applied to solve these growing threats.

Evan Kohlmann, International Terrorism Consultant, Flashpoint Partners
Dean Lindstrom, Strategic Cybersecurity Architect, CISSP, CISM and CEO, Cyberström, LLC
David Barrish, LexisNexis High-Performance Computing Consultant

– You need to register prior to the event. If you are interested, but can not attend, register anyways and they will send you a link to the recorded broadcast.


3 thoughts on “Online Security Seminar: Detecting Botnets and Terrorism Threats”

  1. If you had a chance to catch this seminar, you were in for a treat. For those who didn’t, you missed some pretty amazing technology. The presenters discussed how militant Islam is currently using social sites and forums to recruit converts to Jihad. They also showed how the new botnets are becoming very hard to detect with encrypted communications, fault tolerant command and control servers and root kits that modify the Master Boot Record and have automatic self-protection built in.

    What is the best way to monitor militant communications and also detect the advanced communication patterns of new botnets? Enter LexisNexis and their Data Analytics Software. The LexisNexis® Data Analytics Supercomputer software is being used by government and corporate entities to track this mass amount of diverse traffic and interpret and analyze it in seconds. The program can be used (and is being used) to correlate raw data with threat lists, location information, and custom alerts. This involves analyzing data from global sites in many languages and dialects, very impressive.

    It was an interesting look into one of the tools used in fighting terrorism and cyber espionage.

  2. I think the best way to stop islamo-fascists online is to have everybody draw pictures of Mohamed.


    Well, a single facebook page called “Everybody Draw Mohamed Day” Was all it took to get the entire nation of Pakistan to block the massive, global social-networking site.
    Now all the jihadists from Paki-waki-stan will have to migrate their recruiting efforts over to Myspace, which we all know, no one uses anymore…;)

    Glad to see you up after the modem debacle

  3. Yeah, it’s some crazy stuff. I heard the US is planning to parachute a brigade of female soldiers wearing bikinis into Iran. They figure the resulting earthquake would shake Iran apart…

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