Microsoft Office 2010: Preview

Usually I install beta versions of Microsoft software to check it out before it is released. I did not have a chance to do this with Office 2010. Today, I installed the Professional Plus version. So this is truly my first look at the software. Here are some of my opinions:

Honestly, it looks like Office 2007. But, with two noticeable exceptions. First of all, gone is the Microsoft button that you had to get used to using in 2007. It is replaced by a “File” button on the left of the menu. I never really liked the Microsoft button, but it’s weird, now that it’s gone, and I am used to it, I miss it. It does make more sense though with the file menu. 

Secondly, the screens don’t look as sharp as they did in 2007, they look kind of washed out. I noticed it the most in Word and Outlook. It just gives it a cheap look. I don’t like it. 

Thirdly, I don’t like the new icons. Okay, I am complaining a lot, but they just look like something from kindergarten or something. 

lastly, I did an upgrade over top of my 2007. I know, usually it is best to uninstall the old version and then install the new, but it went pretty good. I did not have any problems. The new office programs seem to be up and running smoothly. One thing that was funny was the progress bar. It went to 100%, then backed up about a quarter of the way and then went to 100% again. Kind of odd. It reminded me of an install routine of an old version of WordPerfect. One version of WordPerfect would go from 0-100% installed, and then it would go to 110%, 120%. Not sure what the extra was, maybe I was getting more for my money!

I do like the new “paste” options.  That is much better than the way Office 2007 handled pasting. You get a preview on the screen what the different types of pasted text will look. Very nice.

Well, this is just my opinions on a first glance. It seems to work and function like Office 2007. I’ll play with it more and give a full review at a later time. 


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