Computer Security Webinar: Pen Testing Ninjitsu

Core Security Technologies offers several security related webcasts on their website. One that I enjoyed was “Pen Testing Ninjitsu”. The series is presented by SANS instructor and security expert Ed Skoudis.  The topics are (from website):

Part I: “Windows Command Line Hero”
A brief introduction to the value of penetration testing + an overview of pen testing techniques using the Windows command shell.

Part II: “Crouching Netcat, Hidden Vulnerabilities”
An introduction to techniques for performing the functions of Netcat – such as moving files, scanning ports and creating backdoors – without using Netcat.

Part III: “After the Initial Compromise”
This installment explores what can happen after the initial vulnerability is compromised and a threat becomes truly invasive – and how to proactively assess your systems against such attacks.

Ed’s knowledge is truly amazing, check it out.

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