Cloud Hosted Websites Shutdown due to Malware

Today, Government Computer News released a story about four cloud-hosted Web sites that were shut down by the Treasury department due to malware infection.  

According to the Article:

The bureau began using a third-party cloud service provider to host the sites last year, it said Tuesday in a statement about the incident. “The hosting company used by BEP had an intrusion and as a result of that intrusion, numerous websites (BEP and non-BEP) were affected,” the statement said. The Treasury Government Security Operations Center was alerted to the problem and notified the bureau, which responded by taking the sites offline.

The infections first were reported by Roger Thompson, chief research officer for AVG Technologies, who discovered malicious code injected into the affected page Monday morning. He said the code appears to link with two attack servers in Ukraine.

I really don’t like the idea of cloud computing, just from security concerns alone. Four sites were taken off line by an infection. If a site hosts EVERYTHING for you, when they do get infected and go offline, this in turn shuts you down. Because in essence your computer is down too, if you completely rely on them. I don’t know, call me old fashion, it just seems that cloud computing is too great a security risk.

2 thoughts on “Cloud Hosted Websites Shutdown due to Malware”

  1. Pretty alarming news, I must say. I am in the field of cloud computing and always thought that it was as safe as houses.

    Apparently not!



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