US Air Force Cyber Warrior Badge Revealed

The Air Force has revealed the new “Cyber Wings” badge which will be worn on our nation’s top military cyber warriors. According to an article on The Register:

The new “Cyberspace Badge” features lightning-bolt wings extending from a central globe encircled by orbiting blobs – presumably surveillance or communications satellites – and a heraldic thunderbolt with ordinary feathery wings stuck on the front.

Apparently this symbolizes “the projection of cyber power world-wide”, “the space dimension of the cyberspace domain” and “striking power through air, space and cyberspace”.

It seems that some people aren’t thrilled with it, “It Sucks” said Wired Magazines defense editor. I dunno I don’t think it’s that bad. It’s missing something, maybe a skull with a network card in its teeth or a flaming server or something intimidating looking. What do you think?


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