Chinese Hackers Attack India

A new Chinese spy ring has been exposed this week. According to, a sophisticated espionage attack against India has been exposed by Canadian and American security researchers. Security experts at the Munk School of Global Affairs in Toronto, and US experts from the volunteer Shadowserver Foundation monitored the intrusions for eight months. The attacks were aimed at obtaining classified documents from the Indian Defense Ministry and also NATO security information.

“This would definitely rank in the sophisticated range,” said Steven Adair, a security research with the group. “While we don’t know exactly who’s behind it, we know they selected their targets with great care.”

By gaining access to the control servers used by the second cyber gang, the researchers observed the theft of a wide range of material, including classified documents from the Indian government and reports taken from Indian military analysts and corporations, as well as documents from agencies of the United Nations and other governments.

“We snuck around behind the backs of the attackers and picked their pockets,” said Ronald J. Deibert, a political scientist who is director of the Citizen Lab, a cybersecurity research group at the Munk School. “I’ve not seen anything remotely close to the depth and the sensitivity of the documents that we’ve recovered.”

The attacks are believed to have originated in Chengdu. And one hacker, identified as “lost33” could be affiliated with the University of Electronic Science and Technology. The full NYtimes article.

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