Video Demo of iPad Hack

According to PCMagazine, this demo is by an iPhone Dev Team Member:

Here comes the iPad jailbreak! iPhone Dev Team member musclenerd has released a video showing a rough demo of a jailbreak that’s given him access to the iPad’s software inner workings. While it’s more of a developmental hack than a full-functioning, consumer-grade jailbreak at this point, it’s only matter of time before iPad amateurs will be able to unleash the tweak on their own devices. And, of course, that means third-party application installers like Cydia are but a touch or two away…


~ by D. Dieterle on April 5, 2010.

2 Responses to “Video Demo of iPad Hack”

  1. Just came by this site the other day. Outstanding work. Thanks very much. Have passed this link on to every.


  2. Gracias por la info.You son muy �tiles.

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