Is Russia Next in the Google Saga? had an interesting article last week about Google in Russia.  According to the article, Google is rapidly gaining in popularity in Russia. Yandex, a Russian search engine currently holds 62.8 percent of the market. Google has advanced to take over 21.9% of the market.

It seems that Russia, like Iran and other countries are considering creating their own search engine:

RBK Daily, a respected Russian news agency, reports (in Russian) that the Russian government might soon be launching a “national search engine”. According to RBK’s anonymous sources inside Kremlin, it would aim at satisfying “state-oriented” needs such as “facilitating access to safe information” and “filtering web-sites that feature banned content.” It’s going to be an ambitious project: the government is prepared to invest $100 million in this new venture, does not want to allow any foreign funding, and intends to build it in cooperation with the private sector.

Click here for the full article.


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