Cybercrime Conference Takes Aim at Spammers

300 cybercrime experts from 60 countries attended the CoE Cybercrime conference in Strasburg this week. The topic? Stopping spammers. One of the big problems in fighting cyber crime to stopping criminals from registering servers for criminal purposes. From spammers to Botnet command and control, cyber criminals regularly register servers with bogus credentials. According to an article on The Register today the CoE wants to take action against this:

During the fifth annual CoE conference on cybrecrime in Strasburg this week, participants spoke in favour of greater international cooperation in sharing existing tools, instruments, best practices and initiatives. The conference also heard calls for improved co-operation between law enforcement and industry (ISPs, IT firm and national CETS).

Delegates also backed requests for ICANN to tighten up domain name registration processes to make life more difficult for spammers and other riff-raff. It was suggested that police ought to able to use the WHOIS database to fight cybercrime, while protecting the privacy of individual registrants – arguably a competing goal.

What was interesting is that Russia and China seem to be taking a lead in securing server name registration. They have been asking for photo ID when a server name is registered. Of course, this has opened up rumors of ID forging to counteract the ID requirement. Read the full story at The Register.



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