Iran Government Breaks up Opposition Cyber War Network

Yesterday Iran broke up what it claimed to be a US backed cyber war network.

A judiciary statement carried on the official IRNA news agency said the networks were set up by Iranian opposition groups, including the People’s Mujahedeen, and that 30 of their members were arrested.

“A number of organized American cyber war networks were dismantled and 30 influential suspects were arrested … in a series of complicated security operations in the information technology and communications field,” IRNA quoted the statement as saying.

Iran believes America and Britain is behind the national unrest in Iran that followed the latest election. Iran has clamped down on the opposition communication by filtering internet use. They claim that the US is helping opposition members bypass the filters. They also claim that the US was using the cyber war networks to gather intelligence on Iran’s nuclear program.

On past posts we have covered that people from all over the world have been offering the Iranian opposition help with bypassing government internet restrictions through social media sites. This just seems to be another ploy by Iran to blame the US for the opposition movement. Iran also says that their nuclear program is for peaceful purposes, but the west believes that it is for producing nuclear weapons.

For more information see the article.


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