Computer Security Tool: High Speed SSD Based Password Cracker

According to The Register, a new SSD based password cracker claims to be 500  times faster than Russian Elcomsoft tool.

Swiss security firm Objectif Sécurité has found that password cracking tools optimized to work with Solid State Drives (Solid State Drives) have achieved speeds up to 100 times quicker than previously possible. A SSD is a high speed hard drive that uses solid state memory instead of traditional magnetic platters and a read/write head. Being a total electronic solution, it can process data much faster than a mechanical hard drive.

“After optimising its rainbow tables of password hashes to make use of SSDs was able to crack 14-digit WinXP passwords with special characters in just 5.3 seconds. Objectif Sécurité’s Philippe Oechslin told Heise Security that the result was 100 times faster than possible with their old 8GB Rainbow Tables for XP hashes.”

This technique is claimed to be 500 times faster than Russian company Elcomsoft tool which uses Nvidia graphic card memory to aid in cracking. It appears that it is the hard drive and not RAM speed that is the bottleneck in password hash lookups.

Read the full article at The Register.

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