Internet Explorer 8 Problems

Anyone else having problems with Internet Explorer 8? Mine is running slow, hanging or giving errors when opening it.

I know IE8 is more secure, but I am having several issues with it. I recently upgraded all of my computers to Windows 7 (Format and re-install). I really like Windows 7, but I am having constant problems with IE8 on all of my machines.

When I type in an internet address in IE8 and hit enter sometimes it just sits there like it is stuck. The little circle spins, but nothing happens. I have to go up, select it and hit enter again, then it goes. It seems to be having a problem resolving DNS or something.

Frequently, when I would go to open it, I would get a “Restore Last Session” error message. I found out that this means that IE crashed (Though it didn’t seem to) and this is a recovery option. I found that you can turn auto recovery off (go to Tools, Internet Options, Advanced, then deselect “enable automatic crash recovery“), but isn’t this just hiding the problem and not fixing it?

Also, under a lot of the repair forums for IE8 I see the advice, “Just Reset the IE 8 settings” in “Tools”, “Internet Options’, “Advanced”, but this is a clean install, why would I need to repair it? I tried it anyways and it didn’t help.

Internet Explorer 8 has more security features than older versions of IE,  but it is becoming very frustrating. I did not have these problems with IE7. Any one else seeing these issues?



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