“There is no Cyberwar” Comment still Reverberating

Cybersecurity Czar Howard Schmidt’s statement, “There is no cyberwar” is still resounding amongst cyber security experts. His statement seems to directly contradict FBI Director Robert Mueller’s recent comments to congress.  Also in January, Dennis Blair, Director of National Intelligence, testified before congress that “Malicious cyber-activity is occurring on an unprecedented scale with extraordinary sophistication”

Yesterday, Kevin G. Coleman (former Chief Strategist at Netscape and Strategic Advisor with the Technolytics Institute) posted the article “Cancel Cyber Command” on Defensetech.org:

Schmidt’s comments came at the conference and time as FBI Director Robert Mueller called on the U.S. law enforcement and the security community to collaborate with international governments and pursue investigations further in order to combat what appears to be a losing arms race with cyber criminals.

I have to agree with Kevin that Schmidt’s comments are very confusing indeed.

“Just when I was about to file Schmidt’s comments under “things that make my head hurt” it came to me. There is only one explanation – This is all part of a massive disinformation initiative meant to confuse our cyber adversaries. I bet it works because it is confusing many of us as well.”

Read the full article at Defensetech.org.


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