NATO, EU Declare Cyberwar Against Chinese Hackers

Cyberwar declared as China hunts for the West’s intelligence secrets” – Posted on TimesOnline today. According to the article, NATO and the EU have issued warnings about increased cyber attacks from China. The attacks have increased over the past 12 months, with the US government reporting over 1.6 billion attacks every month.

Due to Chinese penetration of key offices, the EU and NATO have circulated urgent warnings to protect sensitive information. EU cyber defense is not as strong as the US or UK, making them a prime target.  

China is singled out as the biggest cyber threat against the US, UK, EU and NATO nations. The article states that the Chinese hackers are looking for arms information, western intelligence, nuclear, energy and even information on Tibet. But China is not the only nation that the US is concerned about.

Robert Mueller, FBI Director, has warned that, in addition to the danger of foreign states making cyber-attacks, al-Qaeda could in the future pose a similar threat. In a speech to a security conference last week, Mr Mueller said terrorist groups had used the internet to recruit members and to plan attacks, but added: “Terrorists have \ shown a clear interest in pursuing hacking skills and they will either train their own recruits or hire outsiders with an eye towards combining physical attacks with cyber-attacks.”

He said that a cyber-attack could have the same impact as a “well-placed bomb”. Mr Mueller also accused “nation-state hackers” of seeking out US technology, intelligence, intellectual property and even military weapons and strategies.To help to fight the growing threat, the Office of Cyber Security, set up last year as part of the Government’s national security strategy, liaises with America’s so-called cyber czar, Howard Schmidt, who was appointed by President Obama to protect sensitive government computers.

That is interesting, Robert Mueller, the Director of the FBI, seems very concerned about these attacks, even though Howard Schmidt, Obama’s Cyber Czar recently stated that “There is no Cyber War”. The former director of National Intelligence also testified before congress last week that we are in a cyber war and are losing. I wonder if Mr. Schmidt will change his opinion after so many qualified experts have contradicted him.

Read the full article at Times Online.


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