Korea Faces Japan in Global Cyber War… over Skating?

March 1st was Korea’s national holiday celebrating the 1919 rebellion against Japan. To celebrate it, Korean hackers united and brought down a Japanese BBS.   Was it caused by a territorial dispute? Korean weapon testing in Japanese territory? American ties with Japan? No… It was something much more important.

According to CNN, this international incident was caused by… Ice Skating. South Korean skater Yu-Na Kim beat out Japanese skater Mao Asada at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics for the Gold medal. Comments on the Japanese BBS 2CH suggesting that Kim had bribed the judges started the feud. Korean web users united and brought down 2CH in a show of defiance.

Apparently, this is not the first time that these “Hackers for Skaters” have clashed. In 2008 Japanese hackers crashed the Korean server VANK after Asada defeated Kim in the Grand Prix final in Korea. Kind of silly, but I guess it beats flipping cars, burning stores and the looting that occurs after some major games. Read the full story at CNNGO.com

I just hope that American sport fans do not turn to hacking when their favorite team gets beat in the Super Bowl or World Series.


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