‘There is no Cyberwar’ – Cybersecurity Czar

There is no Cyberwar” – This is the word from Howard Schmidt, Obama’s new cybersecurity czar according to Wired Magazine.

His statement that the US is not in a cyberwar directly contradicts former director of National Intelligence, Michael McConnell, who testified before congress recently that the US not only is in a Cyberwar, but is losing. Schmidt took the position of cyber czar in December and has held cybersecurity positions with the Air Force, FBI and Microsoft.

This is a very interesting comment from Schmidt. It is reminiscent of Obama’s comment about the Global War on Terror (GWOT). When Obama was elected into office he did not like the term GWOT, or its connotation, so he had it changed to the ‘Overseas Contingency Operation’. Apparently this term was more politically correct.

Could this just be a political statement to soften international relations after all the buzz of Chinese and Russian hacker attacks? What do you think?


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