Computer Security: How to Lock your Workstation/ Laptop

How can I secure my computer/laptop from people using it when I step away from it for a short period of time? I have been asked this question a few times in the last week. Their must be an easy way to protect my computer, if I need to leave it for a minute. I do not want to shut it down, so what do I do?

When I worked in a Fortune 500 IT department, you NEVER left your computer unless you locked your desktop. This is very easy to do in most flavors of Windows. Just hit the “Windows” key on the keyboard (Usually on the bottom row, left side) and “L” for lock at the same time. This brings up a password protected screen saver. All you need to do is type in your login password and you are right back where you were before locking it.

This is safe, as it does not shutdown or put your computer to sleep. You can even have apps running in the background. This is great for medical offices, defense contractors, executives, IT, engineering, or anyone else who has private or sensitive information on their screen.


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