Microsoft Shuts Down Waledac Spam Botnet

 Last week, Microsoft, like Google, took on a whole new level of cyber defense by shutting down the Waledac spam botnet.

According to the Microsoft video of the takedown, Waledac was capable of sending 1.5 billion spam messages a day. And in an 18 day period, Hotmail blocked 651 million waledac messages. The Waledac botnet is very intelligent, it not only has normal command and control features, but it also has peer to peer command and control, which makes it very hard to disable.

How effective was the shutdown? Not very according to a techworld article:

The U.K.-based anti-spam service Spamhaus echoed Stewart today. “If [Microsoft’s take-down] did affect spam, we haven’t noticed,” said Richard Cox, the chief information officer at Spamhaus. Like Stewart, Cox also dismissed Waledac’s threat as a spam engine.

“Waledac was not a high threat, it’s less than 1% of the spam traffic,” Cox said. “What we’re worried about is Zeus, which is a far more damaging botnet, which is creating a substantial amount of spam.”

If taking down a system that could deliver 1.5 Billion spams a day didn’t even register, that’s truly scary indeed…


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