Darkmarket – Ebay for Credit Cards: Founder Sentenced to Five Years

Renukanth Subramaniam, 33, set up DarkMarket, an eBay for cybercrooks where fraudsters and crackers could buy and sell stolen bank log-ins, credit card details and skimmers. The scheme became unstuck in 2008 after the site was infiltrated by an FBI agent who posed as a criminal hacker and gained a senior role running the site under the alias MastrSplyntr in an undercover operation that ultimately led to 60 arrests worldwide including Subramaniam (aka JiLsi). – The Register.

According to BBC News, “suspects linked to the website were arrested in the UK, US, Canada, Germany, France, Turkey and Russia. It even operated a secure payment system, allowing users to “review” the criminal services on offer – creating a “one-stop-shop for criminals the world over“.

I just love the undercover FBI’s alias, “MastrSplyntr”. Kudos to the FBI for bringing down this international operation, nice job guys.

Please everybody, be careful when ordering online. People have really let down their guard when it comes to online purchases. Do not order from places you don’t know or trust. And delete your browser cache after any online banking or credit card transactions.



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