Computer System Upgrade: Amazing Windows 7 Boot Times

All right, for those who were following my computer upgrade, it is done. I had an older P4 3.2GHhz XP machine that I have used for years. I installed a Core i5-750 intel processor, an MSI motherboard and 4 GB of GSkill Ram. I also put in a new Barracuda 7200 RPM 750GB as the system hard drive and installed Windows 7 Ultimate. The results? Outstanding…

The system went together really easy and fired up first time. First of all, kudos to Microsoft for really streamlining the OS install. The system rebooted once when installing Windows 7, and only twice more for windows updates. If you are a veteran at installing Windows XP you know that installing a new system with service packs means endless reboots.

I was amazed at the boot speed. On my original XP system I used a sundial to measure the boot time. Now, mind you that this is a fresh install with only anti-virus, VMware and Steam installed, but from Bios screen to the Windows 7 login screen takes 14 seconds. From logging in to a functional desktop, 4.5 seconds. That is impressive to say the least.

The system runs smooth as silk. Being a long time Windows user, I was not thrilled with the Homegroup feature, but once I enabled it, sharing files with my laptop was really simple. Network transfer speeds seemed respectable too. The Aero desktop adds a nice visual touch. Windows 7 even saw my older HP Officejet and automatically installed the drivers. Not to mention that Windows 7 is also more secure than XP.

I don’t know if you can tell, but I am really happy with the upgrade. The Core i5 is fast and runs cool (even with the stock fan), Windows 7 is smooth and so far is rock solid. If you have been wanting to upgrade your XP systems, but have been holding out, you really need to look at Windows 7.

D. Dieterle


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