Intel Core I5-750 Computer System Upgrade

If you are looking into upgrading your processor this post is for you.

I have been limping along with my Pentium 4 3.2Gh processor for years now. Last year I upgraded the RAM to 1.5GB (Wahoo!), put in a heavy duty power supply and installed a Geforce  9800GTX+ Black video card. And it was somewhat respectable. Well, the time has come and I need a faster PC.

I want Intel (I just don’t like AMD) and it has to be reasonably priced. I have done a bit of research and found the Intel Core i5-750. This chip is getting insane reviews. For less than $200 you can get very good speed, performance and over clock ability (if you are into that). I ordered an MSI motherboard for $109, and 4GB of RAM for $105. I also ordered a recertified Seagate Barracuda 750GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb drive for $60. Gotta love

My current chip scores a whopping 519 on Passmarks CPU Benchmark tests. The new Core I5-750 scores a 4, 213 stock. Overclocked it can reach 5,625. I am not a fan of overclocking, and don’t recommend it, but that is a big jump for the price.

The only negative I have seen on the Core i5-750 is that it tends to overheat with the stock processor and stock speeds. Many people recommend an aftermarket fan, but I have seen comments where people have had to remove and reseat the fan and it ran much cooler.

But overall the comments have been very positive and the Core i5 even won the “Best Gaming CPU $220 and Up” award. A review of the Core i5-750 can be found on Tom’s Hardware.

Well, if you are interested, when the parts come in and I get it together, I’ll let you know how it does.


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