Windows 7 and Vista Comparison: Should I Switch?

I was never really a fan of Windows Vista. I put it on my laptop and it ran slow, and crashed a lot. Actually, before the first service pack, it was almost unusable. Copying files across the network was unbearable. I just had a lot of problems with it. I have noticed too that a lot of companies have not migrated to Vista, which probably was a good thing.

My personal opinion is that Vista is a lot like Windows ME from years ago. Windows ME was an in-between operating system, trying to get people to switch from Windows 98 to the NT based Windows 2000. It just didn’t work right, and had a lot of problems. PC World even called it the Windows Mistake Edition.

Vista also reminds me of when I was studying for the NT 4.0 MCSE exams. Several of the new NT 4.0 features did not work in the original release and were not fixed until service pack 3. When I went to take the test I was told that the test is based on the original NT 4.0 release, non-service packed, and to pretend that the new features all worked. I believe that with Vista we have the same situation…

Windows 7 seems very stable and functional. Usually, when you upgrade an existing machine to a new OS, the machine runs slower, with Windows 7 it is actually faster in some areas over XP. I believe Windows 7 will be the true successor to the Windows XP crown.

If you are buying a new system, you should really consider Windows 7. If you own a business and are thinking about upgrading existing XP machines across the board, make sure you check your system, software requirements and technical support company before doing so. Some applications that run under XP may not run under Windows 7.

For more information on Windows 7 and it’s new features, see wikipedia.



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