Chinese Programmer Identified in Google Hacking

Fox news reported today that a Chinese programmer with government links could be behind the software program used to hack Google and several other US companies. The 30 year old security consultant posted sections of the code to a hacking forum. The article says that there are ties to the government, but did not divulge what the ties were.

Last week, it was reported that the US traced the hackers to two schools in China. The Shanghai Jiaotong University and the Lanxiang Vocational School. Both schools have denied the allegations, but implications against the latter school has caused quite a stir in China. It appears that the Lanxiang School is better known for its hair dressers and chefs than its computer hackers. User “Chas” sums this up in a comment on our earlier Google hacking post. None the less, Lanxiang also has the largest computer lab in the world.

This whole process just goes to show how difficult it is to back track a cyber attack. The criminals are bouncing their traffic through so many different places and countries that it takes time to unravel the trail.

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6 thoughts on “Chinese Programmer Identified in Google Hacking”

  1. I think the most stunning and overlooked statement was from the Jiaotong teacher, “I’m not surprised. Actually students hacking into foreign Web sites is quite normal.”

    So is hacking legal in China or what? I thought China was trying to crack down on hackers…

  2. NYT’s mistake on Lanxiang’s supposed military connection can be traced to some wonk in Berkley mistranslating news reports about Lanxiang grads enlisting.

    Instead of reporting students from culinary and mechanics program joining the military as technical sergeant, they mistranslated it as “technology officer” and made the hacking leap:

    And NYT was all too happy to report this without fact checking.

  3. Interesting article Chas. Just out of curiosity I tried running Google translate on that page and it wouldn’t work.

    Did anyone notice that Google hacked into Taiwan machines to look for the “Chinese Connection”?

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