Cyber War Tactics used against Militant Islamic Websites

People from around the world have provided the Iranian opposition with computer support on social networking sites. The Iranian government has responded by filtering the internet, confiscating satellite dishes & cell phones, blocking google mail, implementing their own email system and supporting hacker groups that have downed opposition websites. This has shown that cyber war is not just being used in war time, but to also make political statements.

Recently, the Information Security Resources website had an interview with an anti-jihad hacker named “Jester”. He has written a denial of service (DoS) script to attack militant Islamic websites, taking the war against terrorism into his own hands. Is he taking it to far? Is a civilian using hacker techniques against foreign Islamic websites ethical or even legal?

Also, there is always a chance that his script could end up in the wrong hands and be used against our critical infrastructure system. What do you think?



3 thoughts on “Cyber War Tactics used against Militant Islamic Websites”

  1. hi there, I target jihadist sites that groom young muslims in order to coax them to commit violent acts of terrorism in their own (western) countries, spread propoganda and co-ordinate terror cells. I perform limited attack on the offending site in order to cause disruption not destruction at random intervals. this approach leaves room for official CT agencies to gather intel, but also causes the bad guy to be unable to rely on the site to there at any given moment.

    I am aware that my actions are ‘unlawful’ in many countries. But lets be real here, I am not killing anyone.

    Most things are good and bad in unequal amounts. The trick is to understand the ratio and act accordingly.


  2. Yeah, you have these confused kids that are twisted by religious leaders into doing something that they themselves will not do. Many of these kids are from third world countries where things are very different than in the US and European countries. I have heard the stories of 9 year old afghan kids stabbing each other to get the candy that GI’s give away. Another time a man and his daughter were killed over a bike. Just crazy….

  3. Thank you for your comment Jester.

    I once asked a top US cyber security expert about this. Would “cyber vigilantes” be prosecuted for taking down militant Islamic websites? I also asked him about those that provided help to Iranian opposition groups through social networking sites. And lastly, I asked him if people like Ryan Kelley could be prosecuted for people using his software on to take down Iranian government sites.

    He kinda dodged the questions by saying that cyber vigilantes could hinder active investigations and could be prosecuted, but then said that the US needs to clarify these things in legislation.

    On the flip side, with the US playing catch up in many of these areas, the government has hired ethical hackers directly to government posts. The Department of Homeland Security hired hacker Jeff Moss of the Black Hat Conference fame to the DHS Advisory Council.

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