Iranian Cyber Army Hacks Opposition Websites

Looks like the Iranian Cyber Army was at it again. This time hacking four opposition websites,,, and Ths Hackers Message:

“In respect to the referendum which took place on 22 Bahman (February 11, 1979), and people who voted, and in respect to the great nation called Iran.”“Don’t be ‘tools’ for those individuals who safely live in America and use you as their ‘tools’.” “Children of Iran” – (Source:

Business Week also has an article covering two of the hacked websites and takes a look at who the Iran Cyber Army is:

Iran Cyber Army “seems to be a part of the Revolutionary Guards and parallel organizations within the police force,” Oxford-based contributor to Masih Alinejad said in a telephone interview. “They have now realized that these sites have a significant role in organizing demonstrations.”

Read the rest of the story at Business Week.


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