Israel adds Cyber-Arms to IDF Arsenal

Interesting article on’s website, Israel Adds Cyber-Attack to IDF. The following is an excerpt:

Noting that the U.S. and Britain are setting up cyber-warfare commands, Yadlin says Israel has its own soldiers and officers working on an “Internet warfare” team dedicated to cyber-security. The issue is critical for many governments. In the U.S., Lockheed Martin recently opened the NexGen Cyber Innovation and Technology Center to address global cyber-security needs. The company has helped launch an industry association focusing on providing government, business and industry (including defense contractors) with integrated cyber-security solutions.

In confronting cyber-attacks, military intelligence has become a combat arm of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Computer networks are being exploited by hacking into databases or carrying out sabotage with malicious software (malware) that infiltrates and inflicts damage in adversary computers.

Israel, along with the US, China, Russia, and France are leaders in cyber warfare. Israel specializes in computer security and communications development. Well known “Check Point” software was created by a veteran of Israel’s 8-200 intelligence unit. Read more about this in Stacy Perman’s excellent book, Spies, Inc.



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