Iran’s Cyber-War on Protesters

No doubt Iran’s government cyber-war specialists are in full swing today. Is the target Israel, or America? No, today ( the 31st anniversary of Iran’s Islamic revolution) Iran’s cyber guns are pointed inwards. Since the last election, an internal battle has been going on in Iran. Civilians are trying to get information out regarding the protests and the Iranian government is busy trying to censor it.

The Iranian populace has not been alone in its fight against government censorship. Groups and individuals from around the globe have been providing help through social networking sites. Some groups have gone as far as creating programs to help Iranians beat censorship. The Haystack project is one such program.

Twitter could be one of the targets of Iranian sensors. One of the Iran tweets on twitter earlier today mentioned how slow the network was. Jon Leyne on the BBC had this to say on the cyber war against Twitter:

“Now the authorities have moved to a whole new level, reportedly setting up a cyber-army, responsible for co-ordinated attacks on Twitter and other sites”

 We should have a better view of all of this tomorrow.


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